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Suitability - As well as openness, a certain amount of stability, maturity and commitment is required by some aspects of this work for it to be helpful to you. If you have any questions about working in this way, please ask.

Please use email to make your first contact with me, telling me a little about yourself and what you are interested in working on:

Sessions usually last one and a half hours. The number and frequency of sessions depends on the work required and is agreed beforehand. Payment - the cost of a standard session is 60.

Special arrangements such as payment or part payment in labour can be made where there is a true need.

Appointments and Cancellations please be on time for agreed appointments as late cancellations and missed appointments require full payment.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please give me two days notice to allow me to re-book.

Booking you can leave your details clearly on the answerphone between 10am - 6pm Monday to Friday. To reach me in person phone between 8 9pm Tuesday and Wednesday or Thursday Between 2 - 6pm.

Please only use email for the initial contact, not for cancellations.

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