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Shamanism and the Journey

Shamanic peoples know that everything has a living spirit. They know all creation is connected.

Calling on the powers of the Earth, the Sky and all that is, shamans work with Nature, asking for help for themselves and others. Guided, they walk between the worlds of humans and spirits, seeking knowledge, power and healing.

This shamanic journeying is a core practice for many cultures around the world. Achieving a shift in consciousness through singing, dancing, rattling or drumming, shamanic practitioners, both traditional and Western, work together with their helping spirits to complete each journey’s mission by bringing it’s power home.

The Shamanic Path and You

Shamanism as a spiritual path opens a doorway to the heart. Connecting with community, nature, self and spirits is all part of this practice. Exploring conscious relationship with your spirit helpers can bring you deep insight and empowerment; offering gifts and teachings unique to you, they put you in touch with your own path and your own true power, your task is to be open to this and use their help and wisdom to learn to live fully and well.


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